Proudly Achieving Together




PSHCE has been identified at Tyssen as a key focus to enable children to become engaged, independent, creative and critical thinkers. We firmly believe that the factors holding back learning in their setting include children’s difficulties in understanding and managing their feelings, working co-operatively in groups, motivating themselves and demonstrating resilience in the face of setbacks. So we have made this a priority in Tyssen to support and strengthen children’s personal, social and emotional development we do this through our ‘Habits of Mind’ curriculum.

Each month there is an overall ‘Habit’ to focus on with a different value each week to help develop and strengthen this ‘Habit of Mind’.

Children are introduced to this value in Monday morning’s assembly then on Wednesday mornings Children have circle time sessions to explore in greater detail and to discuss their thoughts and feelings about this value.

Children’s voice is very important to us at Tyssen and we have a fantastic school council that through their actions and lobbying have led to the planning of ‘share the road’ community event raising awareness of the issues surrounding our local area, representing Tyssen at Hackney school’s road safety conference, healthier lunches and a salad bar, plus much more. (school council)

Our Enabling Enterprise days and projects allow the children to work collaboratively in groups to teach and strengthen lifelong skills such as team work, democracy, and management.  These whole school days are incredibly inspiring for the children and have added to our already creative curriculum. (Enabling Enterprise day)

PSHCE is not exclusively dealing with the pupils in the school, but rather extends out to staff, parents, carers and the local community. Parents and carers can benefit from the ideas behind PSHCE and some find the strategies and activities useful ways to communicate with their child. In fact, many parents have found that PSHCE has given them access to whole new areas of their child’s personal, social and emotional life, and helped reinforce a close relationship.


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