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Google Classroom

We now have access to the Google Apps for education, this means you as an educator can log into your account, create classes, assignments, group activities, set homework and share content between you and your learners.  You’ll have access to all the Google apps such as google sheets, Doc, drive and so much more.

Your students can now do work from class or home and save in real time into your storage folder via Google Drive (cloud storage), you can then access their work , mark it or make comments on it and your students can even send you a message while doing their work if they need help with any questions you have set them.

Wach the videos below to get a better understanding of what Google for education is:

How to login?

You’ll be able to use your existing LGFL username followed by and your password will remain the same:

Example of a username:

Password: your LGFL password

Use the button to watch a how to video on how to login:

Login to Google Classroom

Use the button below to login:

After you click the login button above, you will be redirected to Google’s login screen, just click Sign in in the top right hand corner on the Google page.

Here is a really good 12 min tutorial to get you started

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