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At Tyssen we believe that Science is a vital part of children’s learning in order to understand the world around them, and importantly, what the world might be like in the future.

We aim to provide children with a broad and exciting curriculum which inspires inquisitive thinking and exploration.

We believe that children should be encouraged to challenge their ideas about the world around them, therefore questioning is at the heart of Science at Tyssen. Questioning helps children to develop paths towards understanding, a skill which can be applied across all Curriculum subjects.

Key principles of teaching science at Tyssen Community Primary School 

  • Adults and children are fully engaged in the topic and perceive science as fun.
  • Children are motivated and are enjoying inclusive, relevant, hands-on activities.
  • Activities clearly progress thinking and learning.
  • Lessons are led and supported by confident and enthusiastic adults.
  • Children are encouraged to ask questions, push boundaries and learn new things.
  • Children are taught and encouraged to use scientific principles and language.
  • Children are given time to reflect on their learning.

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