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Halal Meat Certification
Our chicken and lamb burgers are halal certified and supplied by William Warman and Gutteridge Ltd.
Halal Food Authority (HFA) are one of the original certification bodies, however due to the value and rapid increase of halal meat demand there are other Muslim halal certification organisations monitoring and authorising meat and food products for the Muslim market. There are three companies certifying halal meat to William Warman and Gutteridge Ltd. Two are UK based and one in Germany (which has an English website). Looking at the mission statements and ethos of each company the School believes that the principles confirming the meat and poultry supplied to Willaim Warman and Gutteridge Ltd meets the standards adopted by HFA.
Certification is supplied by the following suppliers to William Warman and Gutteridge Ltd:

Halal Consultations – http://halalconsultations.com/

Mr Masood Khawaja is a director at Halal Consultation and is the founder of halal certification in the UK and founder and former chief executive of HFA. He has offered to personally answer any queries parents/carers have relating to the authenticity of halal meat originating from the meat suppliers his company certifies. Tel: 07834 572 741

Halal Authority Board – http://www.haboard.com/
Halal Certification Germany – http://www.halal-certification.de/en/


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