Tyssen Community School & Children's Centre
Oldhill Street, London, N16 6LR
Tel: 020 8806 4130 Fax: 020 8806 3620

Email: admin@tyssen.hackney.sch.uk

Governing Body

At Tyssen we have 12 Governors, made up as follows:

  • 1 Head Teacher
  • 4 parent governors;
  • 1 LA governors;
  • 1 staff governors;
  • 5 co-opted governors; (community governors no longer exist)

Governors normally serve for a term of four years. The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Governing Body are elected at the first meeting of the school year, and normally serve for at least one year in these posts. Each Governor is expected to serve on one of the two committees of the governing body. The committee are Attainment and resources. Attainment reviews the academic success of the school and ensures that all children are making at least expected progress while accessing a lively and appropriate curriculum. The resources committee oversees the financial management of the school, staffing and safe recruitment and premises issues.

Role of Governors

The role of governors in a school is strategic, not operational. Governing bodies have a general responsibility for the conduct of a school with a specific view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. They establish a strategic framework by setting aims and objectives, and by adopting policies and setting targets to achieve those aims. They monitor and evaluate progress towards the achievement of the aims and regularly review the strategic framework.

The role is often described as that of a ‘critical friend’, providing support but also challenge. Governors review and contribute to school policy and practice, and are involved in the writing of the School Evaluation Form and the School Development Plan. They are involved in decision-making on issues such as: standards of achievement; curriculum development; spending; personnel; admissions; bullying; inspection; and provision for children with special needs.

Committees are established within the Governing Body to take responsibility for particular management area. Governors are expected to serve on one of the  two committees, according to their skills, expertise or interest.

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