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After School Clubs

After School Clubs

We currently run 30 clubs including breakfast and after-school clubs. We offer a range of sports including gymnastics, ballet, kung fu, football and Fit Kids. To develop new skills and to provide a creative outlet we offer music and singing, creative club, ICT and French. We support families enjoying time together by providing a cycle club for parents and children to practise cycling skills and get their bikes fixed.

These clubs run before and after school, and at lunchtimes. A new venture, in response to parent requests, is to offer guitar lessons in small groups.

These clubs are developed in consultation with the parents and children, I gather feedback and opinions before putting the timetable together. If you think anything is missing, please suggest it in the next consultation, and we will do our best to run it! We also offered Messy Play, Girls Football and Sewing, but there was not enough interest to run these clubs.

Timings of the clubs currently running are below, as well as the timetable document attached on the left of the page.

Michelle Amooty – mamooty@tyssen.hackney.sch.uk

School Activity Partner




Person running club


Monday Art Skills Alex McKenzie


Back of bottom hall
Monday ICT


Najib Otaifa ICT suite
Monday Ballet Jodie Clayton

(First Kick Sports)

Bottom hall
Tuesday Arts & Crafts Lorna Chambers Reception middle room
Tuesday Karate First Kick Sports Bottom hall
Tuesday Fit Kids – Multi games Melvyn Dondee

(First Kick Sports)

Top hall
Tuesday Guitar lessons David Harries Back of Mina’s room
Wednesday Cooking 1 Monica Drysdale Family Learning room
Wednesday Cooking 2 Marilyn Willems Back of bottom hall
Wednesday Cheerleading Seren Ahmet

(First Kick Sports)

Bottom hall
Wednesday Spanish Griselda Jaume Rainbow room
Thursday KS2 Football Ken Yeck Bottom hall
Thursday Athletics Callum Young Top hall
Thursday Coding Ian Barrett


ICT suite
Friday KS1 Football Callum Young Top hall
Friday African & Caribbean dance Tionne Francis Bottom hall


Friday Homework Monica Drysdale & Hawa Lunat Rainbow room/ICT suite


Other after school clubs/activities this term


  • Wednesdays

Tyssen football team will have use of the top hall and MUGA.


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