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Anti Bullying at Tyssen 2017

Anti Bullying at Tyssen 2017

3 Responses to Anti Bullying at Tyssen 2017

  1. Hello, we found one of your baloons. We live in Suzanne (08130) ,in Ardennes (North-East), in France. We were so suprised to find your baloon. It’s a long trip for this little baloon. Bulling is bad and we must fight against that.

  2. Bonjour de la France!

    I just found Hasan’s balloon-card in my back yard! I live in Reims, near to Paris.

    I love your program! I check it on your website. Please, continue your fight against the bully. It’s really important and so serious!

    In France, we don’t talk a lot about bullying and some people is suffering.

    It’s really important to be nice with people, love and share.

    Au revoir et bon courage!


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