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Anti Bullying at Tyssen 2017

Anti Bullying at Tyssen 2017

3 Responses to Anti Bullying at Tyssen 2017

  1. Bonjour de la France!

    I just found Hasan’s balloon-card in my back yard! I live in Reims, near to Paris.

    I love your program! I check it on your website. Please, continue your fight against the bully. It’s really important and so serious!

    In France, we don’t talk a lot about bullying and some people is suffering.

    It’s really important to be nice with people, love and share.

    Au revoir et bon courage!


  2. Hello, we found one of your baloons. We live in Suzanne (08130) ,in Ardennes (North-East), in France. We were so suprised to find your baloon. It’s a long trip for this little baloon. Bulling is bad and we must fight against that.

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